Jitesh Sharma

Jitesh Sharma, the rising star of Indian cricket, has captured the hearts of fans with his explosive batting and wicket-keeping skills. Born on July 8, 1992, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, he has become a household name in the world of cricket. With his unwavering determination and exceptional talent, Jitesh Sharma has carved a niche for himself in the competitive cricketing arena. This biography explores the life and journey of this remarkable cricketer.

Physical Statistics

Height5’10” (178 cm)
Weight154 lbs (70 kg)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack


Jitesh Sharma’s journey in the world of cricket began at a young age when he showcased an innate talent for the game. He honed his skills through rigorous training and dedicated practice sessions. His passion for the sport and commitment to excellence soon caught the attention of local selectors.

He made his debut in domestic cricket for Vidarbha in 2016. Jitesh quickly made his mark with consistent performances, earning him a reputation as a promising young talent. His batting style, a blend of aggression and precision, attracted the eyes of scouts from the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he was signed by the Mumbai Indians in 2018.

Jitesh Sharma’s IPL stint was a significant turning point in his career. Playing alongside some of the biggest names in world cricket, he learned valuable lessons and gained exposure to high-pressure situations. His dynamic wicket-keeping and fearless batting earned him a loyal fan base.

Personal Life


Jitesh Sharma was born into a loving family in Nagpur, Maharashtra. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, have been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout his journey. They encouraged his passion for cricket from a young age and made numerous sacrifices to ensure he received the best training and opportunities.


Jitesh Sharma has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. As of the latest available information, he has not publicly disclosed details about his romantic relationships. He prefers to focus on his cricket career, and the spotlight remains firmly on his professional achievements.

Achievements and Awards

Jitesh Sharma’s cricketing journey is punctuated with remarkable achievements and accolades. Here are some of the key milestones in his career:

2016Made his debut for Vidarbha in domestic cricket.
2018Joined the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
2019Played a crucial role in Mumbai Indians’ IPL victory.
2020Scored his maiden IPL half-century.
2021Continued to be a key player for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

Jitesh Sharma’s consistent performance in the IPL and his contributions to the Mumbai Indians have established him as a dependable and valuable player in the franchise.

Lesser Known Facts

  1. Early Struggles: Jitesh Sharma faced his share of struggles early in his career. His family’s limited financial resources meant that they had to make significant sacrifices to support his cricketing dreams. These challenges fueled his determination to succeed.
  2. Role Model: Jitesh Sharma looks up to legendary Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid as his role model. He admires Dravid’s technique, dedication, and sportsmanship and seeks to emulate these qualities in his own game.
  3. Fitness Enthusiast: In addition to his cricketing skills, Jitesh is known for his commitment to fitness. He follows a rigorous fitness regime to maintain his agility and stamina on the field.
  4. Charitable Initiatives: Jitesh Sharma is actively involved in charitable initiatives, particularly those related to underprivileged children and their access to education. He believes in giving back to society and uses his platform to support causes close to his heart.


Jitesh Sharma’s journey from the streets of Nagpur to the glitzy IPL stage is a testament to his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. With each match, he continues to inspire aspiring cricketers and fans alike. His success story is a reminder that with talent, hard work, and family support, dreams can indeed come true.

As Jitesh Sharma continues to make strides in the cricketing world, we eagerly await the next chapter in his career. With his innate talent and unyielding determination, the future appears exceptionally promising for this rising star. Jitesh Sharma is not just a cricketer; he is a symbol of hope and aspiration for the youth of India.

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